NAP Update – March 2019

Things are moving fast at the Norfolk Assessment Pathway – the SEND curriculum for pupils in mainstream or specialist settings. Chris Carey, updates us on the NAP:

New English Curriculum

The new English curriculum is on the verge of release, having been redeveloped by subject specialists in our partner schools. This should be back from the designer and on the website, ready for use before Easter. The existing English strands will remain in place for a while to allow schools to have a smooth transition from one to the other.

Outdoor Education Curriculum

An exciting development at the NAP is the NEW Outdoor Education curriculum which we hope will be ready to go for the Summer Term. What started out as an informal conversation around helping out an Outdoor Education provider to make their programme more SEND friendly, led to a joint project creating a brand new curriculum. We have teamed up with GOLDCREST OUTDOOR EDUCATION, an Outdoor Education provider based in Norwich, to design a new curriculum based around the outdoor learning they provide for schools. 

Goldcrest will be our preferred provider for our Outdoor Education curriculum, and we hope schools will utilise their experience in delivering outdoor education for their pupils. Our existing partner schools will have free access to this new curriculum, which will also meet targets in the governments new ‘Activity Passport’ as the focus changes to breadth of curriculum.

This has been an extremely exciting project and Nige and Em at Goldcrest have worked incredibly hard in putting together this curriculum. The most exciting part, and the piece that we think that schools will really benefit from, is that existing targets from our English, Maths, Science, PSHE, PE, and Geography curriculums are used in the Outdoor Education strands, meaning schools can show progress for pupils in those areas, whilst delivering Outdoor Education lessons.

We really hope schools will enjoy using this new feature, and that it will be a vital tool in delivering a quality, fully inclusive curriculum for students in our partner schools.


If you’d like to find out more about the NAP, and how it could help your school become more inclusive, please get in touch. Email us at [email protected] or visit the website for more information, or to book a no obligation visit to your setting. Used in nearly 70 schools, the NAP is making a real difference to SEND pupils in mainstream, and is a cost effective way of tracking progress, assisting planning, allowing whole-school moderation and target setting.