Introducing Live School

What it is possible to achieve with technology is changing rapidly. Which makes the decision to switch your MIS provider an increasingly difficult commitment. You are not just committing to the software you have been shown – you are committing to what that company will be able to offer you in one, two or three years time when the landscape could look significantly different.

With this in mind, company ethos and values become all-important in evaluating your decision to switch. They are the fundamental guiding principles behind every decision taken now and in the future. Ensuring that your software is built with the understanding that your school is unique – that it’s designed to adapt to you so you won’t ever have to compromise your approach. Developed by friendly, knowledgeable and considerate staff who are devoted to going the extra mile to support your needs.

That’s what Pupil Asset is, and what we do – now we’d like to introduce you to our future.

Live School

You can now create a simple 3D model of your school and outdoor spaces – using google maps or from your fire plan – and see your school in an entirely new light.

Live School provides you with a detailed overview of your school on a single page.

Combine your seating plans and room maps, navigate back through time to quickly spot trends and develop your understanding, fast forward through time to book events, exams or lessons.

Using Live School as a visual trigger will impact your perception of, and subsequent reaction to, your school timeline. Providing you with the ability to immediately interrogate what you see, in real time, and act accordingly. Together we can change the way you see your school. We can help you to change the way you manage your pupils in order to increase the impact you have as educators.

What it is possible to achieve with technology is changing rapidly and with Pupil Asset this is just the beginning. 

If you’re interested in more information about Pupil Asset, or you’d like to request a demo, fill in our contact form or give us a call on 01603 631436 and we’ll happily show you how we can help your school.