How We Help: Termly Reports

We know that when you come to use Pupil Asset you don’t think about using Pupil Asset, you think about what you are using Pupil Asset for. So we’re starting a series of blogs which explain how we help you to do the things that you do!

Creating termly reports.

With End of term report deadlines approaching fast, Pupil Asset makes its easy to prepare your reports in just a few steps.

We offer a wide selection of core templates, freely available to all MIS schools. These can be chosen from Pupil Reports and generated for your teachers to add their comments.

Once you have chosen your template, the next step is to generate the report run. 

Navigate to Messaging > Pupil Reports > New Set of Reports and select the template you have chosen from the dropdown, give the report run a name and press save. This takes you to the View/Edit Report tab, where you can filter to the appropriate groups or individual pupils to generate the reports for. When you are happy with this, press Generate Reports and allow the system to create reports for the selected list of pupils.

Once these are generated, they can be accessed by teachers in Pupil Reports > My Reports, who will only be able to see pupils whose classes they are assigned to in Pupil Asset. They are then able to edit the reports, fill in any teacher comments they may need to and set each report as ‘completed’ as they go along, meaning that they don’t lose track of their progress if they need to take more than one sitting.

Once complete, the reports can be proof-read and set to ‘approved’, so that they are ready to be sent out to parents.

You will then have the option to either print or email these reports to parents of selected pupils, which are sent via the selected route and also saved in the Pupil Asset parent app for parents to view at any time.

You don’t have to use our core reports, bespoke templates can be built by the support team for a fee, within three weeks, or by any member of your school with knowledge of HTML and CSS.

If you’re interested in more information about Pupil Asset, or you’d like to request a demo, fill in our contact form and we’ll happily show you how we can help your school.