How we help: Live Groups

Live Groups help you to keep track of what is going on in your school – in real time. In this blog we will explain how to set them up, their most popular uses and why we think you should be using them! 

Types of group

Within Pupil Asset, there are two types of groups that you can create:

Static Groups

A static group consists of pupils and/or staff that has to be manually changed.

Live Groups

A live group will automatically update when pupils meet a certain criteria, which you set, and you can choose to be alerted to changes via your Dashboard, Pattr or SMS.

Useful examples of Live Groups

Live Groups can be created from any set of parameters that you can determine using the Filter. Here are some useful examples for creating a group:

  • Attendance percentages.
  • Attainment thresholds (e.g Expected+/GDS+) in specific subjects.
  • Debt (e.g £20+ in meal debt).
  • EAL proficiency levels.
What is a a Live Group for?

You can use a Live Group for:

  • Cohort reporting.
  • Messaging (email or SMS all members at once).
  • Keeping up to date with what is happening in your school.
Benefits of Live Groups
  • Your dashboard widgets can be configured to show behaviour, attainment, assessment, progress, statistical overviews (and much more) for each of your Live Groups. This makes side by side analysis available from the moment you log in.
  • You can choose to be notified when pupils enter your live groups. For example, set up a live group for pupils with less than 95% attendance and you can be notified when pupils at your school drop below 95%.
  • Contacting the parents of pupils in a live group only takes a couple of clicks. To continue with our example, when pupils drop below 95% attendance and join your Live Group, you can now contact the relevant parents with ease.
Setting up a Live Group
  1. Navigate to Pupils > Pupil List and open the filter.
  2. Set the parameters of your group using the filter.
  3. Click Save as group (in the top menu).
  4. Click Live Group.
  5. Give your Live Group a name, a description, and tick the ways that you’d like to be notified to changes in the group.
Configuring your Dashboard for Live Groups

Click the three dots in the top right of any dashboard widget to see how you can configure that widget to meet your needs.

If there is a drop down to choose cohort/group you can set the widget to only show results from your Live Group.

For side by side analysis, click + new widget and add the same widget to your dashboard. You can then configure it in the same way but see results for your whole school or other Cohorts/Live Groups. 

Widgets can be dragged and dropped alongside each other – your dashboard is yours to set up in the way that will benefit you most.

Learn more about dashboard widgets.

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