How do you use your MIS?

What is the role of Management Information Systems in today’s connected schools? A place to record data about pupils and staff? That was the raison d’être back in the 1980s amongst the vibrant noise and designer images that this fluorescent decade ushered in.

A way of reporting statistics to government about school population metrics such as absence, exclusion, ethnicity, first language, etc? The school census has been a statutory requirement in various guises since 2002 and is still an often burdensome source of data entry stress.

A good MIS today should be about much more than the sum of these parts. In fact, a good MIS now would have been a far better fit into the era in which its Generation X ancestor was conceived. A hedonistic age of extravagance and pop culture.

We asked schools what they considered to be important to them when choosing a modern Management Information System? These were their top 5, “cue Paul Hardcastle’s The Wizard”.

  1. Fast, reliable and intuitive access by everyone, from anywhere, using any device.
  2. Everyday tasks are simply easier.
  3. It’s not just about school staff, but for parents and students too!
  4. Value for money with tangible financial savings and efficiency gains.
  5. It mustn’t be unnecessarily complicated, or it won’t be the goto solution for everyone.

Over the years, the role of MIS in schools has changed. A truly innovative system isn’t just about data – it needs to give you so much more. Find out why hundreds of schools in the east of England, across the UK and further afield, use the Pupil Asset MIS at

“Can I just say how impressed I am with the system ? I cannot believe how easy it is to use.”

Alison Howes, Cantley Primary