GDPR: Lose the USB Stick

Are you still using USB memory sticks to move data between devices, home and school?

Did you know that Pupil Asset has a practical and secure alternative to this potentially risky approach?

Every teacher has their own documents area where any electronic files can be securely uploaded.

In fact, every pupil, user and group (classes, houses, clubs, etc.) has a document area where files can be stored and shared. There is even a school level area for information such as policies, risk assessment templates and so on.

How is this a better way?

Pupil Asset is secured to industry standards – in fact we are a UK Government Crown Commercial Services (G-Cloud) approved cloud software supplier.

You can safely store and share your files within Pupil Asset and access them from any Internet connected device and location.

There’s no risk of losing that memory stick, or having the extra time consuming pain of encrypting and decrypting it.

You can forget having to keep paper records occupying space, requiring physical security and a comprehensive approach to filing. Simply scan and upload into Pupil Asset.

Need to permanently delete records, or provide what you hold as part of a Subject Access Request?

If your documents are stored in one place, in Pupil Asset, managing this is far easier.