Dashboard Tips for SENCos

We’ve recently updated our Pupil Asset dashboard, giving our customers access to over 30 widgets, which can be configured to empower each individual member of staff with the information they need.

Today, we look at how this can help you in your role as SENCo / Inclusion Manager with Steph Reddington, our very own SENCo’s top 3 Widgets.

Daily Behaviour Log

Pupils with SEN are often involved in negative behaviour incidents, due to their needs not being fully met or a lack of understanding for certain social situations. Being able to carefully monitor behaviours for a particular cohort, as they happen across the school, can help with preventing future incidents and can ensure that correct support is given in a timely manner. With the ability to record positive behaviours too, pupils can be easily identified and praised/rewarded accordingly.

Persistent Absence

Persistent absentees account for almost a third of all authorised absence and more than half of all unauthorised absence. This is a particular issue for pupils with SEN with the percentage of pupils with an EHC plan that are persistent absentees being more than two times higher than the percentage for pupils with no identified SEN.

The persistent absence widget makes it easy to see, at a glance, those who are vulnerable and with the option to filter by cohort, pupils with SEN can easily be identified and support put in place.

Progress / Attainment

With the ability to add more than one of the same widget and for these to be configured for specific cohorts, seeing how pupils with SEN are progressing, across a full range of subjects is now possible from the Dashboard. This allows for quick identification of year groups/subjects of concern as well as examples of where pupils with SEN are performing well.

All three of these widgets can be configured to show results for any cohort or group of pupils. You can place more than one instance of each widget side by side, showing results from different cohorts or groups, so that you can easily compare and see what is happening from the moment you log in. To find out how to manage your dashboard, click here.