Dashboard Tips for Managing Attendance

We’ve recently updated our Pupil Asset dashboard, giving our customers access to over 30 widgets, which can be configured to empower each individual member of staff with the information they need.

Managing attendance is a key part of school leadership and, with clear research detailing the negative impact of absence, being able to monitor attendance effectively is essential. Here’s how the new Pupil Asset Dashboard can help.


DfE research has shown that there is a clear link between poor attendance and lower academic achievement. The higher the overall absence rate across Key Stage (KS) 2 and KS4, the lower the likely level of attainment at the end of KS2 and KS4.

Configurable for a range of cohorts, the Attendance widget gives users the ability to quickly see which year groups or groups of students have poor attendance so that appropriate support can be put in place.

Persistent Absence

The percentage of pupils classified as persistent absentees has recently been on the rise, In 2017/18, persistent absentees accounted for 38.5 per cent of all absence compared to 37.6 in 2016/17.

Accounting for almost a third of all authorised absence and more than half of all unauthorised absence, knowing which of your students are most vulnerable is vital.

The persistent absence widget shows an up to date list of which students have absences of less than 90%.  

Consecutive Absence

The impact of long term absence is evident and is not just disruptive to the pupil in question, but to the whole class as provisions are made for reintegration and for the pupil to catch up on work missed. Long periods of absence may also indicate that there are wider issues that need to be addressed.

Being able to quickly identify which students are vulnerable means that Education Welfare officers, SENCOs and other members of staff are quickly able to put the necessary interventions into place.

Live Absences

Being able to see, at a glance, which pupils have been recorded as absent can be useful, not just for administrators, but for class teachers too, who can see straight away which pupils to expect at registration time, meaning less disruption and a smooth start to the school day.

All of these widgets can be configured to show results for any cohort or group of pupils. You can place more than one instance of each widget side by side, showing results from different cohorts or groups, so that you can easily compare and see what is happening from the moment you log in. To find out how to manage your dashboard, click here.

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