Back To School Checklist

We know that the start of the year is a busy time. So we thought it might be useful to provide you with a handy checklist of back to school tasks, so that nothing slips through the cracks. From rolling up your school, to updating staff lists and emergency contacts, we’ve tried to think of everything so that you don’t have to.

Tracker schools need to pay attention to numbers one to five, MIS schools should take a look at the whole list!

1. Roll up your school.

We’ve made you a tick list to follow which explains the roll up process. You can find it here: Admin > School Options > End Of Year.

2. Set up your calendar.

For help with setting up your calendar, click here.

3. Update your staff list.

For help with adding new staff members, click here .

4. Check/Set up access rights.

For help with User Access levels, click here .

5. Assign staff users to classes.

For help setting up classes, click here .

6. Set UPNs for new pupils:

To do this, simply head to Admin > Advanced > UPN Manufacturer

7. Update emergency contacts

For help setting parental contacts, click here .

8. Set UIFSM.

You can find this by heading to: Admin > Advanced .

9. Use the Group Year Setter

You can find the Group Year Setter at Admin > Advanced.

10. Set Attendance patterns for Nursery/Reception/Part Time pupils

You can find this by heading to: Office Registration > Faster Register > Set Attendance Pattern

11. Print some class lists.

Class list: Office > Reports > Class List > use Run with Pupils

Birthday List: Office > Reports > Birthday List > use Display Options to choose range.

Book Labels: Office > Reports > Labels

12. Print some tick lists.

To do this head to Pupil List > select Show All Options from Choose Columns drop down > put a tick in Blank Columns and either type the number of blank columns required (typing in ’10’ will give you 10 blank columns) or title the columns by typing in column names separated by commas e.g Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri).

13. Auto-create lessons

To do this head to: Admin > Timetable Setup

14. Print/Send home Pupil Data Collection sheets.

For help with recording and using parental consent data, click here .

15. If you use Messaging, set pupil’s preferred contacts.

To do this go to Admin > Advanced > Parents > Preferred Contacts

16. If you use the Parents App set online access for parents.

To do this head to: Admin > Advanced > Online Access Setter

17. Getting the school photographer in?

Get your photographer to name the images as either “firstname-surname.jpg” or “upn.jpg” for easy import into Pupil Asset!

You can even create barcode labels (barcode = upn) in Office > Reports > Labels.

For more information, click here , and for more information on importing images for pupil profiles, click here .

Let us know if you think we’ve forgotten anything.