A new way to see Pupil Asset

We understand how busy and complex day to day school life can be. We want to help, where we can, to make it simple.

Using feedback from our customer survey back in July, we began a project to take a fresh look at Pupil Asset as a whole, to identify new ways to simplify our software.

We soon realised that we could reduce the barriers between you and the information you need to do your job effectively. Our goal was simple; create a flexible set of tools, accessible on one page, with the ability to configure them to be as beneficial to you as possible.

Every school, and every role within it, is different. We trust that you know what you need, to give yourself the best chance of success, it’s our job to make software that enables that, and doesn’t hold you back.

So behind the scenes we’ve been busy making changes, speeding up some areas of the system by eight to ten times, and now we’re writing to show you our new dashboard and alert system.

Let’s start at the start.

Your dashboard is what loads when you log in to Pupil Asset. You can add widgets to it using the dashboard settings. Each widget is like a little window into an area of Pupil Asset. Once you’ve set it up it will stay on your dashboard and show the information you’ve asked for.

Your new dashboard will give you access to over 30 configurable widgets, all designed to improve your access to the information held in Pupil Asset.

You’ll still be able to use all of the dashboard widgets that you currently rely on, but we’re increasing the number of options available to you, giving you the tools to personalise Pupil Asset so that it benefits you most.

A selection will also be pre-loaded, depending on your Pupil Asset user level. You can move, remove, or configure them to show you the information you need – your new dashboard is yours to set up in the way that works best for you.

Widgets can be configured to show any cohort, class, or group. You can have as many versions of the same widget as you need. For example, you can have different attainment widgets for different cohorts on the same page, providing side by side analysis in an instant.

Your new dashboard links to your timetable. MIS users will have the option to set up widgets for their current class or their next class, meaning that you can access information about who you are teaching when you need it most, and prepare for your next lesson in a glance. 

Alongside these changes, we’re introducing our new alert system. We want to help you do your job quickly, so you’ll be able to set up Pupil Asset to be proactive and notify you of what is going on in your school, from the moment you log in. 

We’ll be introducing your new dashboard next week and we can’t wait for you to see it in action!