Parents App overview – for parents

The Pupil Asset Parents app is available for all parents with pupils at a school using our Management Information System (MIS). Multiple studies have shown how effective parental engagement dramatically improves children’s academic outcomes and the Pupil Asset Parents app brings you a step closer to your child’s schooling. You can download for free on both Android & Apple devices via the links provided below.




Please note that your school may not have enabled all of these options:

Pupil lunches – Record your child’s meal choices for the week, up to three weeks in advance.

Payments – Make payments for specific trips, clubs or items, top up your school meal balance and see your payment history.

Attendance – Shows attendance for the year

Reports – Download any pupil reports from your child’s school.

Achievements – View recent milestones recorded for your child.

School information – View contact information for your child’s school.

Messages – View any messages sent from schools via the app.

Events – View and give consent to any upcoming events your child is set as attending.

Notify Absence – Notify your child’s school of any absence.

Settings – Update the information your child’s school holds for you.

Logging in for the first time

If it is your first time using the app, your school will need to send you a sign up email which will contain a link where a password can be chosen.
Your password will need to be at least eight characters long and include a number. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in you being unable to log in.
You must remember to inform your school if your email address has changed.

Using The Parent App

Once you have created login details you will be able to sign in with them on the Login screen.

If you have any issues logging in, tap First Login/Forgot Password to generate a new password. If you’ve forgotten your username (the email address you registered with your school) you will need to contact your school office.

The home screen of the app will show any pupils on Pupil Asset where your email address has been given online access.

If your child does not show, please contact the school as they may need to update your child’s pupil record.

Tap your child’s name to open their record and access the various options that the school have enabled for your use.

Pupil Asset Parent Portal

If you prefer to use a computer, or you’d rather not use an App, you can always log in to our Parent Portal using a web browser: The secure portal uses the exact same login credentials as the Pupil Asset App.

Parent App Guide.

Click here to download our Parent App guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing issues with the Pupil Asset App please reinstall the app to ensure that you have the latest version. Both are available for download via iOS or Android.

I’ve forgotten my password/username, what do I do?

Click or tap the Lost your password link on the login page to generate a new one. If you’ve forgotten your username (the email address you registered with your school) you will need to contact your school office. If you change your email address you must inform your school office.

How do I know if a payment has been processed?

The charge will say paid and move into your payment history.

What happens if I’ve paid for a meal on a day my child is absent?

The system will recognise if a child is absent on the day a meal is taken and cancel it automatically for you. If your child is not absent for a full day but will miss their school meal, please inform your school office.

Can another party make payments for my child?

Anyone with linked access to a pupil and their own Pupil Asset account can make payments for that pupil.

Who should I contact if I have questions about a recent payment, charge or purchase?

Your school office will be able to help you with queries.

School Users

If you are a school Admin User looking for more information on managing the Parents App click here.