Covid-19 Test Logging

Covid-19 Test Logging for Pupils and Staff

As of 05/03/2021, our MIS schools have the ability to record Covid-19 test results for both pupils and staff in the system. For information regarding testing in different school settings please see the following DfE document.

To allow your staff members to access the Covid-19 logging pages you will need to enable this in Admin > Access Control. This will need to be completed by a member of staff who has the User Access Level (UAL) of Access Admin. You are able to give access to all users with a particular UAL or can switch the ability off or on for individuals by clicking on the UAL section to view the staff/users at that level.

No UAL below Admin will be able to view Staff Covid Tests, as they will not have access to the Admin > Staff area of the system. Any staff member below Admin who needs to have access to the recording of staff tests will need to be upgraded to this level.

Logging tests for pupils

In individual Pupil Profiles, you will now find a new option for Pupil Covid Tests. On this page, you will be able to see previously recorded test dates and results and have the ability to record new entries.

If a test has been administered by a volunteer or person who is not recorded as a staff member or user in your school, you will need to select the option ‘Other’ in the Administered By field. If you wish to record the name of the administrator you can add this as a note to the record.

Viewing pupil test records at school level

To view records for the whole school navigate to Office > COVID. On this page, you can use the Show Filters button to narrow down the table to tests administered during a specific date and time period, by a specific user or for a particular test type or barcode.

Logging and viewing tests for staff

Go to an individual’s Admin> Staff > User Profile > Health and Well-being page. There is a new section for the recording of tests and this is filled out in exactly the same way as the pupil test records.

To view and filter a list of staff tests recorded navigate to Admin > Staff > Staff Covid Tests. Again you will see the same functionality on this page as the Office > COVID report but for staff members instead of pupils.