PupilAsset provide online software for parents & teachers, with cluster extensions for school groups. All products are available via annual subscription & accessed using a Mac/PC web browser or iOS/Android app.

PA Tracker

Comprehensive in classroom framework and summative assessment tracking for Primary and Secondary schools, including support for Life-After-Levels, Grades, Age Bands, Levels - and bespoke assessment frameworks and grade systems.

PA Tracker standalone costs £650 + £1/pupil


The Ultimate Version of Pupil Asset is a combined replacement for your existing Management Information System, Tracking System and Parent email/app/text messaging solution ALL IN ON PACKAGE

Primary PA MIS costs £1,650 + £3/pupil.
For secondary pricing, please use our Quick Quote


PA CLUSTER is a high-level extension to PupilAsset that combines data from LEAs/MATs/Clusters for comparison across school groups.

Individual schools must have a valid Tracker or PA MIS licence for the high level cluster manager to include them.

PupilAsset Product Comparison

  Tracker Parents PA MIS
Attainment & Progress Tracking System
  • Summative Levels: NC Levels, Grades, Age Bands
  • Formative frameworks: New NC, SEN, Bespoke achievements
  • Life without Levels support
  • Teacher App (iOS/Android)
Parental Engagement
  • SMS Text messaging
  • Parents App (iOS/Android)
  • Parent Emails and Report writer
Management Information System
  • Online Registration
  • Census Returns
  • Office Reports & Print-outs

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