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PAML Reference

PAML PupilAsset Mark-up Language Reference This is a cheat sheet reference for PAML tags School Tags [school] School Name [school.img] School Logo (as an <img class='docSchoolLogo' /> tag) [today] Today's Date Pupil Tags [LOOP:pupils] Loop over all filtered pupils [pupil] Pupil's name [pupil.year] Pupil's ... 

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Word Replacements

Re-wording National Curriculum Age Bands PupilAsset allows for the re-wording of level-like Age Bands to allow schools to use their own nomenclature for attainment. Flexible Attainment Semantics This flexible attainment wording allows many different approaches to new national curriculum summative ... 

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Getting Started

Getting Started How Long Does It Take? Setting up PA Tracker can be as fast as 30 mins, depending on your existing tracking data Transferring to the full PA MIS takes about a day for a primary school if you are happy to import / export data following our guide (below) If you wish PA Support to manage the ... 

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