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Pupil Age Calculator

Pupil Age & Year Group Calculator Calculate a student's age and year group from their DOB (date of birth). Date-of-birth: See also: Year Group Age Chart function calcAge() { var yearGroups={ '-3': "N0 (Entry)", '-2': "N1 (Pre-nursery)", '-1': "N2 (Nursery)", '0': ... 

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Age Bands

Tracking Without Levels The New National Curriculum frees teachers from using levels, yet paradoxically requires schools to also show progress. Official tests will report scaled scores at the end of each KeyStage, but how can attainment be tracked (and more importantly progress shown) between these? Age ... 

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National Curriculum Levels Explained

National Curriculum Levels Explained Bamboozled by National Curriculum levels? National Curriculum levels can be REALLY confusing, especially if you grew up using A-F grades. There really is very little help online for Parents and Teachers (as we're sure you have found if you've ended up here). ... 

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